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You're On The List, PalĀ 

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Yes, we went shopping for lists that feature Milwaukee. Good lists, bad lists, complimentary lists, absurd lists. Such listicles are everywhere these days – on newsstands and the Internet, crafted by entities and outlets of all stripes, some well-respected and some, well, ridiculed. We found no fewer than 30 fairly recent Milwaukee mentions across a broad spectrum of topics, many of which we've shared here. Lots of results are based on actual quantitative data, while others seem qualitatively born of a three-martini lunch. So if this be a mirror of our fair home, it's something of the funhouse variety. And you're supposed to have fun with those, right?
We don't want to alarm you, but there's a persistent rumor claiming Milwaukeeans like to drink alcohol. Don't believe it? Just ask The Daily Beast, which christened Brew City as America's third-drunkest city in 2012, using a data-based formula including the citizenry's average number of drinks per month (15.2) and what percentage of Milwaukee's population was categorized as binge (18.9) or heavy drinkers (6.7). Boston and Norfolk, Va., topped those rankings, but on a more aesthetically pleasing note, Esquire christened Milwaukee the 2012 "Bar City of the Year," giving shoutouts to such local libation stations as Wolski's, Koz's and Bryant's. And a CNN travel piece named two area joints – The Irish Pub and Leff's Lucky Town – among the country's top 101 sports bars. Yeah, this is probably how rumors start.