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124 N. Water Street - Milwaukee
(414) 225-9400
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The Pub's History 

Have a seat, order up a pint or two and welcome to The Irish Pub! Our doors have been open since 2006, but if these walls could talk they'd tell quite a story about the past 100 years.

Designed by architect Charles F. Peters, the “Pabst Brewing Co. Saloon and Boarding House” was built in 1904. The old Pabst logo can still be seen on the Erie Street side and the building still maintains a great deal of original interior and exterior architectural details.

In later life the building became the “M & M Club”- One of Milwaukee's favorite GLBT locations from 1976-2006. It was a favorite spot for men and women to relax, eat and party! The then owner Bob Schmidt over-saw a lot of changes in the building, including the addition of the glass atrium at the side in 1983. This held restaurant seating and was more frequently called the “Glass Menagerie Restaurant”.

After 25 years, Bob was ready to relax, and in 2006 he sold the building. Revamped and ready for a new lease of life, “The Irish Pub” was born.

In true Irish fashion, we've put our mark on the building! We aim to make every patron feel as if they were on a stool in any of the 32 counties of the Emerald Isle. So, come and join us for some ‘craic agus spraoi’!