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101 of the best sports bars in the U.S.

By Jordan Burchette
CNN Travel

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Every state, every game, every freaking hot wing. There are bars that play sports and then there are sports bars

best sports bars

Sports bars are the easiest places in the world to make new friends. Just wear the right colors and scream a lot.

The rest of the world is great.

But when you're returning to the states from an extended tour overseas and you've seen all of the 10 total minutes of cricket you can suffer, chief among your priorities is likely going to be the gluttonous consumption of beer, buffalo wings and a ball game.

That means settling down for three or more hours at a local sports bar.

But which one? There are plenty of bars out there for sports fans, but very few run by sports fans.

Playing the game on a couple of TVs doesn't make you a sports bar any more than playing "Caddyshack" on loop makes you a movie theater.

Otherwise this article could have been over with a simple link to the "Locations" page on the Beef O'Brady's web site.

A truly great sports bar must be awash in TVs, offer an inordinate selection of beers and excel at frying chicken in some form or other.

It's also got to make watching sports central to the experience; the kind of place that won't stop until they find the game you're looking for on satellite and, ideally, play the audio.

So, how'd we come up with our list?

First, we surveyed local media "best of" praise. Then we solicited recommendations from local correspondents, bloggers and sports fans. Then we adopted an "at least one bar from every state" rule to ensure regional variety (see Hawaii and Mississippi for examples). Finally, we incorporated our own extensive experience.

Did we blow the call and miss your favorite sports bar? Add your pick for best sports bar to the comments section.


The Irish Pub, Milwaukee

Everyone is welcome at this melting pot of die-hard, hipster and yuppie sports fans. The four majors get their due on the bar's assortment of televisions, but so does English Premier League soccer and international rugby.

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